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Watched & Wound is the culmination and passion of a watch collector and a destination for luxury pre-owned timepieces specifically curated for Watched & Wound customers. We operate under the premise that a luxury timepiece is more than an instrument to tell time, but a statement about its wearer’s personality and acceptance that time is more than a fleeing moment.

We inspect each timepiece very carefully to insure its quality and authenticity, looking for provenance and history. If there is any doubt, we will not offer the watch for sale and will not appear on our website or Instagram page. Except as otherwise indicated, we personally source all of our watches.

We believe in the customer experience. So if you are selling a watch and are local to us, we will individually meet with you, take a look at the timepiece, and if interested will have one of our experts do a thorough inspection of the timepiece to insure for quality. Our rating system is based on the overall condition of the timepiece, whether it has original paperwork and box, and other factors our experts use during the valuation process.

Watched & Wound was born as a result of the passion its co-founder has with the precision of time and the blending of luxury and simplicity of fine watches. The hunt for a specific piece or a difficult to find item provides a level of satisfaction bother for the seller and buyer that is difficult to describe.

In addition to selling existing owned pieces, Watched & Wound will assist you in finding your perfect watch. With a network of sellers and contacts throughout the industry, rest assured you will be satisfied with the find.